Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Entry 13.

"Compositionall ADD: Not to be confused with its cousin "Compositional ADHD," this very common though sadly untreatable disease has been known to strike musicians of any age, race or gender and plagues hem with some very unlikeable symptoms for an unchartered period of time. Though its origins are unknown it has become very widespread, travelling through the air and has become a very contageous disease which can be transferred from musician to musicians without the musicians even having come into contact with another. Word of mouth is often enough to provoke a raging case of "Compositional ADD" and sadly, it must simply be allowed to run its course, as a cure has not yet been found."

- The J.B. Medical Dictionary.

This is not fun. I'm trying to buckle down and finish up what I've got left to do on 'Drole de Bete' and I still have a lot left to do for 'S'il te Plait...Apprivoise-Moi!" but I can't seem to find the concentration to do so. I'll sit down to do a bit of writing or editing but I'll get maybe ten minutes done before it becomes absolutely agonizing to sit still and write another note or put in another dynamic marking.

Not that I'm lacking inspiration, however. Over the past few days I've managed to begin two other projects- neither of which, sadly, have anything to do with what I'm doing in composition class. The first piece that I wrote I wrote under the influence of energy drink- something I DO NOT intend to do again. The result: a piece for piano and voice upon the request of one of my friends, called 'Jerkasaurus Rex R.D.' The title is just a joke- he refused to come to a concert last year because he wanted to be uncool and study so I jokingly called him a Jerkasaurus (I like dinosaurs) and later jokingly wrote a documentary on the Jerkasaurus and gave it to him. Yeah, I do weird things like that all the time. Anyhow, for a lark I've decided to put the lyrics in here just so you see why, exactly, I do not intend to write ANYTHING after having had an energy drink.

Jerkasaurus Rex R.D.

The Jerkasaurus Rex is
Very good at hexes
Often visits Texas
In the Fall,

They’re antisocial creatures
Preying upon preachers
And hiding under bleachers
In the mall

They supported Trudeau
Are very skilled on banjo
Grew up in the ghetto
And love chain-smoke

They beat up alligators
And terrorize the waiters
They wrangle elevators
Just for a joke

They like to inhale turpentine
They chase it down with moonshine
Shared a beer with Einstein
And a blind fruit fly

They’ve got X-ray vision
Cannot make a decision
Though they’re stellar at division
But only in July

They can stop a hurricane
Turned water into pink champagne
Built convents in the Ukraine
And painted hippos yellow

Microwaving teletubbies
Is one of their favourite hobbies
Along with defiling lobbies
And reinventing jell-o

So if you see this nasty reptile
You should run at least a mile
Away from this thing so so vile
And never you look back, cuz

Jerkasaurus Rex R.D
Will hunt you down and then you’ll see
That he’d eat either you or me
Just like he’d eat a snack.

Without elaboration, I can bet that you understand now why energy drinks + Jess Blenis = DANGER. The music is equally as strange- I wrote it to sound dinosaur-esque, afterall, so it ain't pretty, and it's only 1/4 serious. This isn't an April Fools joke, folks- I actually did write this piece- in about 3.5 hours, too, between 12:30 and 4:00 in the morning on Saturday I believe.

I began a more serious project tonight as well, and hate myself for doing so even though I like where this piece is going. I was asked today if I would be a chaperone for a high school orchestra trip in May, and said that I would. This is the orchestra I played in back in the day (from grade 8-12) and whenever I'm home for Christmas or the summer I usually help out with sectionals, concerts, workshops and such. So randomly I decided that writing for a high school orchestra would be fun, and now have about a minute and a half of materiel for that.

As nift-o as this is, I'd much rather put this muse toward something productive and necessary. I have a Folklore and an English term paper due within the week and here I am, scribbling nonsense about a Jerkasaurus. I have a piece for band due within the week and instead I'm writing for orchestra. It'll all get done, I'm sure it will. I just have to CONCENTRATE and not succumb completely to compositional ADD.

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